Saturday, May 22, 2010

Replace Dual Pane Windows - General Contractor May Not Be Needed

I had the opportunity to replace some dual pane windows here in Placerville, Cameron Park, and Sacramento recently, it was easier than I expected. As a general contractor in Placerville, I have never been called to replace the dual pane window itself. Usually I get calls to change out the entire window, frame, siding, etc.

I am here to tell you that replacing the dual pane glass is much easier than expected. You will need some simple tools - screwdriver, tape measure, etc. It certainly is not brain surgery. In the worse case, bring the parts to a glass shop and have them finish the work for you.
If, however, you do manage to do this yourself, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars. And if one window has failed, surely others will fail in the future.

Here is one of many web sites to help you with the dual pane window replacement.

Good Luck.
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