Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hive Found in the Ceiling - Drywall Repaired

We were working on getting this room completed on schedule. The painter discovered a soft spot in to drywall ceiling while rolling out the room. Inside the room there was no signs of a problem. No stain, no odor, looked fine until you touched it. Paper thin!

We found a 12" section that was "chewed" from the top attic area. My first thought was animals. Rats, squirrels, who knows? It was none of these. We a broomstick we punched open the area to discover a large hive. Not sure what kind of hive. There were honey combs, but also a paperwebing that I had not seen until then.

So we got back to work. We cleared the nest area, insulated, patched the drywall, textured and painted. And got done on schedule!
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