Saturday, March 12, 2011

Repeat Customers In Sacramento, CA

There is a lot of talk about the value of the referrals in providing a service. Getting others to talk about you to their friends, relatives, and neighbors can be a great value to selling homes. But I think the most valuable customer is the repeat customer.

Give me a hand full of repeat customers any day. Those that will call whenever your services are needed. I think of all my past sales, wouldn’t it be nice if all of them called me the next time they needed to repair or improve there home? It is probably best to keep an eye on these people. Market to them over and over. Sure I will probably get new referrals too, but getting the repeat customer should be the ultimate goal.

I have had real estate agents market to me and after buying my home, they disappeared after a few months. I don’t need the fancy newsletter, or to be hammered with postcards for ever holiday, home sale, and open house. Friend me on Facebook, or connect with me on Linked In. Something subtle works best for me. You’re probably already doing it anyway, just include me in that loop.
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