Saturday, March 12, 2011

Repeat Customers In Sacramento, CA

There is a lot of talk about the value of the referrals in providing a service. Getting others to talk about you to their friends, relatives, and neighbors can be a great value to selling homes. But I think the most valuable customer is the repeat customer.

Give me a hand full of repeat customers any day. Those that will call whenever your services are needed. I think of all my past sales, wouldn’t it be nice if all of them called me the next time they needed to repair or improve there home? It is probably best to keep an eye on these people. Market to them over and over. Sure I will probably get new referrals too, but getting the repeat customer should be the ultimate goal.

I have had real estate agents market to me and after buying my home, they disappeared after a few months. I don’t need the fancy newsletter, or to be hammered with postcards for ever holiday, home sale, and open house. Friend me on Facebook, or connect with me on Linked In. Something subtle works best for me. You’re probably already doing it anyway, just include me in that loop.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Kitchen Remodels Add Value To Your Home

You gotta love this kitchen if you are a general contractor or a homeowner willing to make some changes. Changes that will greatly improve the value of your home, be more efficient, and more modern and up-to-date. It would be hard to spruce up this kitchen. Why? Because it is all old and outdated.
I'm not saying that you have to make any changes, maybe you are okay with it the way it is. But if you are a general contractor, your eyes are tearing up with joy. This baby is being demolished. A clean slate, where the owners can have whatever they wish. Counters, cabinets, appliances all must come out. Plumbing, electrical, flooring too. Let's make this kitchen sparkle!

But wont that be expensive? It will cost a lot of money, but its money that will go directly to the value of your home. Think of it as "flipping" a home but you get to live in it.

Can we do it on a budget? You can set any amount that you wish. I wouldn't go with the super-cheap idea. You would probably regret it later on. But yeah a budget makes a lot of sense. This small kitchen will at value to the home when complete. Overspending does not make sense. There is a budget range for all kitchens, stay within the range.

Know anybody with a kitchen like this?
I'd love to talk to them.

Tom Arstingstall
An Uncommon Contractor
Tromler Construction

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Electrical Contractor May Be Needed

Years ago, homes and apartments were designed to handle the electrical needs at that time. Think back before the microwave, before the phone charger, the computer, and all the other power needs we have today. Properties were built with a power supply that is less than standard today. It is not uncommon to see homes with a 100 AMP main breaker or apartments with 30 AMP breakers. In these properties the number of outlets are limited, some kitchen only have one outlet! So what can a home owner do to upgrade their power supply?

Let's make sure that we can not just keep adding to the existing power source. Adding outlets, lights, disposals, etc. will only put a greater burdan on the electrical supply. This means tripping breakers, and even electrical fires. You do not want to add to what you have without increasing the power supply.

It would probably be best to contact a qualified electrician to upgrade your electrical supply to the building so that you can adequately make inprovements to your property. Put together a list of what kind of improvements you would like and discuss these with the contractor for his professional opinion. Many contractors will be more than happy to meet with a property owner that is sincere about doing some improvements to their building.

Good luck in all your home projects.
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