Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interior Wall Repair in Sacramento

During the rainy season, water damage tends to increase. The problem with that is we can not always assume that the rains have caused the water problem that we see. In the picture above, water has damaged the sheetrock wall in the interior of the laundry room. The area is moist and could in fact be caused by the rains. However, in that same vicinity is a copper plumbing line, that also needs to be checked.
A variety of tests can be done to find the source of this problem but this is my recommendation to the owners. Have a licensed contractor test the walls for moisture with a moisture meter, this will determine if water is running down the wall from a higher location. Once the origin of the water leak has been determined, open the wall to inspect the problem. If it is a plumbing leak, the pipe will be repaired. If the roof is leaking, the roof will be repaired. In either case the wet water damaged walls will be removed and patched.

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