Sunday, October 3, 2010

Is Your Tile Roof Ready For The Rainy Season?

While doing a regular annual inspection of this roof, I discovered several broken and missing tiles. Last years storms caused tree limbs to fall onto the house damaged the concrete tile roofing. Luckily we had some matching tiles that made the repairs unnoticable when completed.

Broken roof tiles initially may not show signs of leaking right away. However, constant water flowing under the tiles will probably cause much more damage if left uncorrected. This is something that a homeowner can do themselves, or have a qualified roofing contractor do a visual inspection of the home. Either way, it is important to regularly inspected roof tiles before it is leaking inside the home.


Home Remodeling Group said...


You have great blog. Thanks for sharing information on Roofing Services.

Tom Arstingstall said...

Thanks HRG,
We appreciate the comment. It's always good to here from others, even when they are 2500 miles away.

west sacramento leak said...

That's one good preventive method on roof leaks. A regular inspection of the roof will let you know when its time to have it a roof repair expert attend to it before it actually leaks. But i one doesn't the signs when roof repair should be called in then arrange for a contractor to regularly check it for you.

aliah said...

The repair of roof leaks should be done before the beginning of rainy season..roof tiles are some times not installed with proper waterproof method then there problems occur related to roof leaking.
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