Sunday, December 12, 2010

Check Your Roof And Gutters For Leaf Build-Up

The leaves have started to fall from the trees around your home, now is the time to check for leaf build-up. You can probably see the roof top from the ground.
Are the leaves piling up in the valleys of the roof? Do the leaves fill and top the gutters? This may be a good time to correct this issue. If the rain water can't get to the gutters and downspouts, water will be flowing over the top and possibly creating new problems around the house.
This is something that a homeowner can do themselves, you will need a few common items to do the job. A blower or small rack to clear out the valleys comes in handy. The gutters will need to be scooped out by hand or purchase a scooper designed for gutter cleaning.
If you've neglected doing this for a while the gutters may be filled with moist decomposing debris. It can be a smelly mess, gloves and a mask may help.
Of course there are business that do this sort of thing. Look up gutter cleaning in your local area for help with this.
Good Luck in all your home maintenance projects.


800 Plumbing said...

Leaves can cause such water damage if not cleaned out properly. Roof and Gutters should always be taken care of prior to the winter, because clogged gutters can back up and cause leaks.

sunroom additions said...

It's actually a number 1 problem I have in my roof. My Neighbor has a huge tree that branches over the fence and the leaves falls on my roof. When a heavy rain fell last time, I saw water flowing inside my house and when I check the roof, leaves have filled the gutter. And right now, I've been removing the leaves every week to avoid cases like this. I don't want to ask a permission to cut the tree's branch since it gave a good shade in my room during the day

Tom Arstingstall said...

At least you get shade in the warmer months.

Hope the water in the house got taken care of. You don't want it leading to a much bigger problem.

wnukconstruction said...

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